We create wellness

Connecting your emotions with fragrances in a sustainable way.

We develop fragrances and cosmetics for people's well-being.


Custom fragances

We create fragrances and cosmetic products for you to market with your own brand or a new brand.


Our fragances

We develop custom fragrances to diversify business lines.

Development of olfactory brands

We create differential fragrances that involve the identity of your brand.

Distribute Neroli fragrances

We offer companies the possibility of distributing our two product lines:

iT´s Time to Dream and Jardín de amores.

Know our value offer

Do you want to create your own brand of fragrances and cosmetics?

Do you want to create a brand of fragrances and cosmetics?

Our processes with high quality standards allow us to develop fragrances and cosmetic products to your customize, with the highest quality standards, so that you can market them with your own brand or with a new brand.

Do you want fragrances as new lines of business in your company?

We develop perfumery, cosmetics and the atmosphere of the home, as new lines of business within your company, tailored and with your own brand.  This will make you diversify your business in a professional and safe way, gaining participation in other segments that you may not have contemplated until now.

Do you want to design your olfactory brand?

Do you want to design your odotype?

Our research, development and innovation team {R & D & I} has the highest technology and the necessary training to turn your brand into a fragrance, which you can apply to any product, be it a cosmetic or a home environment

Do you want to design fragrances and cosmetics with your olfactory identity to generate traffic?

Once you have your olfactory identity designed with your brand values, you can apply it in any space or place you need, thus generating greater recall and improving the shopping experience of your customers.

Do you want to distribute the Neroli brands?

Products for personal and environment care, achieving a harmony between the care of the mind and the body.

Fragrances that give a magical touch to the atmosphere and lingerie, making the environment, sheets and wardrobes more pleasant.

Some of our customers

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